Setting security standards

For over a quarter century, Susanne Skov Diemer has been setting

new standards for consulting, security and intelligence.

Protecting, preventing, preparing - and predicting.

With the highest degree of confidentiality and trust.

As a highly experienced inteligence advisor and security expert, 

she brings knowledgeable and valuable  perspectives to navigate

in an increasinly complex international environment and

gain a more accurate view of the past, present and future

within security and intelligence.

Susanne Skov Diemer serves globally on a number of boards, advisories and councils,

among others as advisor for a global philanthropic charitable organization.

EU Security Advisor & Advisor

Security Advisor for the EU MONICA consortium formed

by 29 partners from 9 countries. 

The aim is to mazimize large crowd security & sound with the latest techology at large, open-air events.

Advisor for the EU project EMERITUS. Its aim is to create a platform and protocol for waste-crimes investigation.

Expert for PACTESUR

Member of the Advisory Committee for PACTESUR

(Protect Allied Cities against Terrorism in Securing Urban Areas) within EFUS

(The European Forum for Urban Security). It is the only European network  of local and regional authorities dedicated to urban security.

Founder & CEO of Praesidio Group

The company offers security and intelligence solutions and services to corporations, governments, public & private sectors globally.

Its distinctive expertise is founded and gathered through decades of professional experience and personal relationships within international government agencies, intelligence services, special operation forces and chief security officers in blue-chip international corporations.


Executive Senior Security Advisor

Security advisor for private, public and corporates around the world.

Among others on The EU project "MONICA" with 29 partners from

9 countries.  The aim is to reduce the high level of sound & noise, maximize security and minimize risks with the latest technology among large crowds at events such as concerts, demonstrations, and sports games around Europe. 

Advisor for the EMERITUS project with the aim to improve detection and proof collection capabilities against environmental crimes with protocol and platform for detection and proof collection against environmental waste.

Intelligence Expert

Security and intelligence expert serving the private, public and

cooperative sector, organisations and communities.

She is an expert on the Advisory Committee for the European Forum

for Urban Security (EFUS). The only European network of local and regional authorities dedicated to urban security, bringing together 250 cities and regions from 16 countries.

She also servies as advisor for the EU project EMERITUS, which aims to improve detection and proof collection capabilities against environmental crimes, among others by creating protocol for waste-crimes investigation. 


The author of Forbered dig bedst på det værste (”Prepare yourself best for the worst”, Danish Publishing House, People´s) and

Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner  - a modern step-by-step

survival guide in case of an emergency, diaster or crisis with personal anecdotes, experiences and recommendations from an extensive career in the international security and management elite.

Event & Crisis Advisor

A long track record of providing threat integrated, risk mitigating and streamlined security services for international and high-profile events for public, corporate, government, diplomatic, NGOs, and royal clients. 


Founder & CEO

She founded Praesidio Group in 2012 to bring change to the industry, aiming high.

Today, Praesidio Group continues to deliver global security and intelligence solutions, serving clients around the world within corporate and private sectors, royalty and private families.

Media Advisor

As a consultant and advisor on films, TV-series, books and articles, her expertise ensures accuracy and perspective, for both fiction and non-fiction.

She is a popular expert in Danish media on issues such a terrorism,

staff vetting, event security and international intelligence.


Susanne informs, advices and prepares you for potential crisis and risks. Her lectures and workshops are based on decades of crisis management expertise and the crisis guide ”Prepare yourself best for the worst”. It is packed with personal and fascinating experiences and anecdotes from a long career within intelligence and security and includes all the dos and don'ts for when – not if – a crisis hits us.