Crisis preparedness interview

As Sweden is joining NATO, Susanne Skov Diemer was interviewed by TV 2 Danmark “News & Co” panel, the leading Danish broadcaster, to discuss crisis preparedness. “As a society,

it is essential that we come together by all taking responsibility.

If more people take responsibility, remove ourselves from the equation and manage independently for

1 week or 2, authorities and emergency services can assist and support vulnerable people, get our society back on track and up and running as quickly as possible”.

Preparedness book salon

A new non-fiction book salon  at a Danish public library is about prepping and preparedness. The conversation center's around Susanne Skov Diemer's Danish crisis preparedness guide 'Forbered dig bedst på det værst.


New Podcast


"Let's embrace the fact that we don't have to be fully digital because that's not what gets our society through a crisis”. Susanne Skov Diemer is a guest on the podcast "AFLYTTET - i garagen" from minute 29:55.

Cyber security conference

Lundbeck hosted its first cyber security conference to mark International Cyber Security Awareness month with Susanne Skov Diemer and Rik Ferguson as speakers.

Preparedness Podcast

The Danish Radio 4 takes a closer look at the short-term and long-term consequences the unstable world situation has had on Danish security policy, and interviews Susanne Skov Diemer about preparation and the biggest threats she sees:

Power supply breakdown and attack on critical infrastructure.

Preparedness speeches

A good start to the year with Susanne Skov Diemer preparing people for 2024! First stop AOF Copenhagen with this year’s first 2 speeches of countless upcoming speeches, courses, and workshops.

Literary salon on prepping & preparedness

How much should we be prepared? And for what?

We read "Prepare yourself best for the worst - The security expert's guide to how to protect yourself and your family during crises, disasters and power failures" by Susanne Skov Diemer.

New EU Environmental waste crime project

Susanne Skov Diemer is delighted and honored to join the Emeritus EU project as advisor.

The aim is to lay the foundations of a new generation of technological tools to improve detection and proof collection capabilities against waste-related environmental crimes. A platform for detection and proof collection against environmental waste. 

Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner booktrailer

Preparedness citizens' symposium

The Association of Emergency Preparedness introduces  preparedness citizens' symposium based on Susanne Skov Diemers´s book ‘Forbered dig bedst på det værste’ (How to prepare best for the worst)


Brussels conference 

How to protect urban public spaces

in the face of evolving threats while ensuring

they remain open and accessible to all,

has been the main aim of PACTESUR  the past 4 years.

Better prepared citizens

How can citizens be better prepared to respond

to potential threats in urban public spaces?  

Interview for PACTESUR.

Lecture at Christiansborg Palace

Susanne Skov Diemer discussed

how citizens become more prepared for a crisis                     at the conference "Should the debate on defense & preparedness have a greater focus on how we protect     the population?"

National broadcaster interview

”We are a highly digitized country, where we pride ourselves with the fact that we have our data digitally. Unfortunately, it has a downside”,

Best Physical & Tactical Security Specialists

Praesidio Group is the winner of

the Scandinavian Business Awards 2022:

Best Physical & Tactical Security Specialists

– Denmark.

Most influential Women in Tech

Susanne Skov Diemer is Featured In World’s Leaders Magazine “World’s Most Influential Women in Tech, 2022”

Radio Program

Susanne Skov Diemer shares details from her book

on how to prepare best for the worst. 

Elite Business Leaders to Watch

“We do business in increasingly uncertain times.

Risks are dynamic and predictably unpredictable"

Cyber security article

 Expert about possible hacker attacks – impossible to completely avoid. Hackers have become better professionals.

Most Inspiring Women

Leaders to Follow

Susanne Skov Diemer is featured in the

magazine, Insights Success 

“The 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders

to follow in 2022”.

Cyber conference panel

Susanne Skov Diemer is in the expert panel at the Danish Parliament touching upon crucial aspects of cyber security.

   Danish newspaper article

“I am prepared. Are you?"

Iconic business women

4 out of 4 stars to

‘Your Urban Crisis Survival Planner’

Review from the Online Book Club:

“A priceless masterpiece…In this book, the author is one of the best professionals globally and can provide advice that only a few could give.

After the COVID pandemic, no one can ignore that we live in a chaotic and vulnerable world. What better thing then than to get advice from one of the best security professionals in the world? I don’t like to be generic, but most people should read this book…

There is no way to criticize any aspect of this gem”.

To purchase hardcover, paperback or Kindle version of the book, click here.


        Top 50 admired companies

Praesidio Grop is recognized as one of the Top 50 Admired Companies To Watch 2021 by CEO Views.
"Security and intelligence is not just a profession, but a way of life.

A mission.
On-going crisis, disaster and emergency preparedness is a duty for life and the core and foundation of Praesidio Group".

Book release

Susanne Skov Diemer has published a personal

urban crisis survival guide & planner

with worksheets and planner pages.

        Recommended books 

The financial magazine "Penge & Privatøkonomi" (January 2021) recommends Susanne Skov Diemer's book

"Forbered dig bedst på det værste"

(Prepare yourself best for the worst)


"6 books worth reading".


Christmas calendar

Susanne Skov Diemer has created a special Christmas calendar with recommendations, reflections and advise from the security world and her book "Forbered dig bedst på det værste" (Prepare yourself best for the worst). The purpose is to contribute with perspective during these challenging times.

            Click here for Facebook and Instagram versions in Danish.


 PACTESUR interview

Susanne Skov Diemer is featured in PACTESUR newsletter

with an interview focusing on crisis management and urban security.

The magazine has named "The 10 Successful Entrepreneur Revamping The Future", including Susanne Skov Diemer.

 Insights Success Magazine

 DSB travel feature

What Susanne always travels with - including a grab bag recommendation.

Villabyerne interview

Susanne Skov Diemer is always prepared - The security specialist, who predicted the consequences of corona.

Børsen interview

How to prepare for the next crisis.

TV 2 Denmark

Susanne Skov Diemer talks about

preparedness and  her new book on the morning show.

DR radio

Susanne Skov Diemer is featured in the DR podcast     

           "Restart: One Man Corona-Band"

Top 10 security company

Praesidio Group is shortlisted on the CIO Bulletin 2020 the "10 Best Security Companies" globally.

NOVA Podcast

Power failure and prepare yourself best for the worst with Susanne Skov Diemer.

Insights Success

Featured in Berlingske

An article features Susanne Diemer

"She was criticized for her views on Denmark's handling of the coronavirus - now her predictions have proven to hold true.

In February, security expert Susanne Diemer questioned Denmark's handling of coronavirus.

The National Board of Health rejected her criticism, while a prominent doctor called her predictions "doomsday prophecies".


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