To predict and protect with discretion and compassion has been Susanne Skov Diemer´s mission for a quarter century.

The heart and core of her work is  mastering intelligence,  foresight and prevention.

In the right hands

susanne børsen

An international Security Specialist with an extensive risk, security, consulting and management experience gained over her 25 + year career.

She is the recipient of various U.S. government awards for her extraordinary work during her time with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Services.

The author of Forbered dig bedst på det værste (”Prepare yourself best for the worst”) and an international version Your urban crisis survival planner -  a modern step-by-step survival guide in case of a crisis, emergency or disaster.

Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Corporate & Personal Security, Staff Vetting, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Counter intelligence, KfR, Residential Security, Event & Sport Security Coordination.

A lifetime dedicated to security



High-end security and intelligence expertise

 Security advisor | Intelligence Expert | Media Consultant | Event & Crisis Advisor | Speaker & Author


                                   YOUR URBAN CRISIS SURVIVAL PLANNER

A beginners' guide: Practical crisis awareness and preparedness for yourself & your family